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What is Colon Hydrotherapy?
Colon hydrotherapy is a safe, effective, gentle infusion of purified water into the rectum, by way of a steril rectal-disposable speculum.  The process involves two separate lines—water in, waste out—to prevent any possible contamination.  This internal bath helps cleanse the colon of toxins, gas and accumulated hard blockages of fecal matter.
What can I expect from Colon Hydrotherapy?
We make no medical claims about what colon hydrotherapy can do for you.  Colon hydrotherapy is used to assist the body in cleansing.  By doing this, and getting the whole colon cleaned with 5 sessions, it tones, exercises the colon, so the peristalsis works better. Below are benefits that clients have felt after their sessions:
  • Hydration
  • Clear Sinuses
  • Headache relief
  • Clearer Skin
  • Gas and bloating Relief 
  • More Energy
  • Immediate weight loss
  • Relief from lower back pain
Why Is Colon Cleansing So Crucial?
We are exposed to thousands of toxins and chemicals at work, in the home, through the air we breathe, through our food and water supply, and through the use of pharmaceutical drugs. In addition, we are eating more sugar-rich and processed foods than ever before in human history, and we regularly abuse our bodies with various stimulants and sedatives. These toxins and "dead" foods lead to poor digestion, constipation, toxic colon build up, weight gain and low energy. These common symptoms are more than just an inconvenience - they can lead to long-term health problems and serious chronic diseases.

How many sessions are recommended?
 A series of 5-6 over 10 weeks is highly recommended.

What should I do before a session?
Please, eat lightly at least two hours before your scheduled appointment and drink lots of water.

Is a session painful?

Revitalize has a clear water therapy. There is virtually no pressure and filling is so slow you cannot feel the water. However, an impacted colon can cause discomfort, cramping may occur as the colon contracts to expel waste. Once the major impaction is removed, many find the session pleasant.

What should I do after a session? 
  • Eat soups, pureed (blended) food
  • Drink plenty of liquids
  • Replace intestinal flora ( take acidophilus) ( We supply)
  • Avoid eating raw vegetables, heavy meats
  • Chew well

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