Your colon hydrotherapy specialist for the Roseville, Sacramento and surrounding areas

Colon Hydrotherapy
Colon Hydrotherapy is a restorative, painless procedure that is both relaxing and effective. Throughout our lives we are exposed to toxins and chemicals at work, in the home, through the air we breathe, and especially in sugar-rich, processed foods that are becoming more prevalent than ever before.  These toxins and “dead” foods are what build up within the large intestine causing potentially harmful problems. With Colon Hydrotherapy these toxins can be removed and your digestive system restored to a healthier state. The process is an effective way for cleansing the large intestine.  
During the therapy, a gentle flow of filtered water, also called the “slow-fill method”, is used to remove the digested toxins and waste that build up inside the colon. This method prevents the colon from cramping and allows the body to be thoroughly hydrated.
Our colon hydrotherapy sessions are very unique. Included in the session: aromatherapy, chromotherapy, acupressure; Stem-Flex machine and energy work leaving you with an overall sense of relaxation and wellness. 

Lipo Light Therapy
Revitalize Colon Hydrotherapy and Wellness Center’s technicians target fat and cellulite with Lipo-Light body contouring treatments. During the 30-minute signature treatment, LED light therapy targets arms and abs, and under chin, causing fat cell membranes to lose their shape, which changes cell permeability and ultimately breaks down fatty acids. Though a series of 6 treatments performed across a 6-7-week period is recommended for optimal results. To complement its Lipo Laser service, the center also offers whole-body vibration which is included, nutritional counseling, and Hydrotherapy treatments.

Ionic Foot Bath
Our Ionic foot bath is a hydro-galvanic device which stimulates a natural body cleanse and draws out toxins and heavy metals through the skin pores by using negative and positive ions.  The Ionic foot bath aids in releasing the toxins and impurities that have been trapped in the fat tissues through concentrated sweat.  A typical session last from 20 to 30 minutes.

With the use of our Ionic Foot Bath Body Detox Therapy, you are able to detox your body just by sitting down and relaxing as the machine does all the work.  No fasting, no dieting, just a relaxing foot spa.  When used in conjunction with our other modalities such as the Colon Cleansing, and the Ultra Slim Detox Body Wrap, the results are increased for a whole body total detox.

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